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About Us



Yon-Ka is a 100% French brand created in 1954 by the Mühlethaler family who were passionate about botany.

Cécile, Ernest and Charles Mühlethaler created Laboratoires Multaler in 1954. As pioneers in aromatherapy and phytotherapy, they had deep ancestral knowledge that was known only to a few other scientists, chemists, and doctors at the time.

The Mühlethaler family were initially interested in the subtle aromas of plants and their essential oils filled with energy from the sun. They tested the various cleansing, healing, and mood-altering properties on themselves and their loved ones. Their first products were intended for medical use by physiotherapists.

They made a major discovery during their research when they created Quintessence, a unique combination of five essential oils from the Mediterranean region that became the signature of their phyto-aromatic brand.


The range of products expanded to meet the needs of consumers and professionals enamoured of all things natural. At that time, chemistry was king. So, Yon-Ka distributed various versions of their skincare product ranges to aestheticians looking for “therapeutic” products for difficult skin.


The first step in the brand’s story was the creation of phyto-aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is therapy using essential oils. The researchers took this idea and added active ingredients drawn from all the natural substances contained in a plant. This created new synergies and the notion of phyto-aromatherapy was born. Professionals were attracted to and convinced by the efficacy, the power of the balancing aromas, the immediately visible results after treatment, and the feedback from clients. At that time, Yon-Ka were only available in France.


Françoise and Catherine, daughter and niece of the founders, became CEO and Managing Director, respectively, of Laboratoires Multaler.

Françoise is a biochemist and Catherine an aesthetician. Their complementary skills brought a new dimension to the brand: spa treatment expertise.

Skincare was becoming holistic and Yon-Ka again played a pioneering role in this sector.

This was also the beginning of the brand’s international development.


Laboratoires Multaler opened their American subsidiary. The spa market was rapidly growing on the North American continent.

Yon-Ka added new well-being-focused beauty routines to their product range. The aromatic fragrances and specific application techniques in the routines invited customers to relax and escape.


Yon-Ka added fruit acids (AHA) to their product range. These promising new active ingredients were relatively unknown at the time. They were especially good for their smoothing, exfoliating, uncreasing, and radiance boosting properties.

In France, Yon-Ka became one of the first brands to successfully make use of these substances.


Laboratoires Multaler moved to a location near Paris and equipped their factory to meet ISO 22716 standards and beyond, with a clean room, highly-sophisticated quality control equipment, traceability management, etc.


Yon-Ka for Men range launched.


Yon-Ka packaging was redesigned for a younger, more refined look.


Yon-Ka fête ses 60 ans ! 60 ans au service de la femme, de l’homme et de leur bien-être.


Laboratoires Multaler launched their new anti-ageing collection with the wrinkle-filling Time Resist range, and added to the Age Exception range, the company’s premium complete anti-ageing line.


Four face boosters launched containing effective active ingredient concentrates to personalise one’s beauty regime.


New Aroma Fusion body care collection launched. Four product ranges were designed to meet specific needs: Detox, Silhouette, Vitality, Relax. They came in fragrances that invited users to take a journey and to relax for visible results.


Yon-Ka has a whole new look! We’re unveiling a new visual identity and a new, easy-to-navigate website so you can easily find information and purchase your favourite products! Our new look is just like our brand: natural, authentic, and full of energy.

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